Vulcan T-400-CG & T-9900-TS
Vulcan T-400-CG Description:
High tensile alloy for joining and underlaying tool and die steels. Deposits will respond to heat treatments without cracking. Weld deposits are dense, smooth, and resistant to corrosion and heat scaling up to 1200 degrees F.

Vulcan T-400-CG Typical Applications:
Joining of cracked and fractured tools, dies, fixtures, and other parts; build-up and surfacing on shafts, bearing surfaces, and valves; high-temperature applications such as steam turbine buckets, blades, and covers.

Vulcan T-9900-TS Description:
Air harden tool steel electrode which produces a shock-resistant weld deposit that is dense, porous-free, and heat treatable. Deposits take a high polish. When a cushioning layer is required, Vulcan 400-CG or 450-DD is recommended.

Vulcan T-9900-TS Typical Applications:
Die cast dies, cold shears, header dies, chisel, punch, and moil points for air hammer tools; blanking and bending dies, trimmer dies, forming dies, extrusion dies, coining dies, and sledge hammer faces.

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