Vulcan Systems believes in giving back to the community. Look for Vulcan Systems representatives at charity events throughout the area.

March 23, 2022:

In partnership with Doug Field and the team at Vulcan Systems of Oscoda, members of the Alpena High hockey team earned the Vulcan Systems Player of the Game awarded each contest during True North Radio Network live broadcasts on 107.7 The Bay, chosen by the Wildcat hockey broadcast team of Doc Z and the Skating Dutchman.

Vulcan Systems also extended its Player of the Game honors during the Hillman boys and girls playoff basketball games this past year as broadcasted on 107.7 The Bay with honors being awarded by Doc Z and JT Pepper.

Source:  True North Radio Network
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Hi Mr. Field,
I just received your extremely generous donation of Domino’s pizza gift cards for our ACC welding students. That is super kind of you to donate pizza like that to our program. I know you have a track record of doing this in the past for our students and we can’t thank you enough. We are looking forward to beginning our new welding lab expansion, later this year. I would be happy to give you a tour some time of what we have to offer here in welding at ACC. I will let all of my student’s know about your company and that the pizza was donated by you.
Thanks again
God bless your generosity!!!
Tim Ratz
Welding Program Advisor – CWI/CWE

Alpena Community College Welding Program – Pizza Donation Day