Vulcan 310 Brazing
Vulcan Systems 310 is a high-strength brazing alloy for general maintenance repair with a torch. At 1400 to 1600 degrees F, the deposit has controlled fluidity, but when the temperature is increased to 1650 to 1750 degrees, the alloy becomes very thin flowing and will produce high strength joints with only .001 to .003″ clearance. Designed to build up and join carbon steels, alloy steels, cast iron, and other non-ferrous materials to themselves or in multiple combinations.

Typical Applications:
Low temp applications include overlaying and build-up of gear teeth, bearings, shafts, valve seats, wedge bars, and steering knuckles. High temp applications include close fitting joints or broken drills, mill cutters, furniture and bicycle assembly, and attaching carbide cutting tips.

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